Frequently Asked Question’s

What’s Cambuzz?

Cambuzz is a student-to-student mobile marketplace providing college students with the opportunity to buy, sell and trade college textbooks and accessories; post for roommates and events within campus. It is a platform made for College students To help them connect with each other within their own campus.

Why Cambuzz?

Cambuzz is the only app available that has a Marketplace for trading Books and College supplies, feature to Find and Post for Roommates and Events all together at one place. Unlike other marketplaces, Cambuzz is made and limited just to your Campus. Thus, making it easier, safer and convenient for students.

“I don’t see my University on the list. What can I do? ”

If you don’t find your college or university on the list please email us at or you can even contact us through our website and mobile app. We will add your Campus and get you connected!

What’s our Goal?

Cambuzz focuses exclusively on improving your college experience and to use technology to connect all students across campus. By creating a Campus marketplace we made it easier for students to save money by exchanging items on campus. Cambuzz is a bridge created for students to have a hassle free experience within their college as we narrow down the marketplace from Country-State-City-Local to just Campus.